Making an itinerary for an independent trip for any request. My help is to help you decide on the direction and format of your future trip. Of course this is influenced by your own tastes and preferences. It can be a classic or extreme tour, a hike or a wine weekend, or maybe something else?

At the output you have a list of places in a certain order, as well as a painted number of days for each of the places and a map of the route, with already selected places for lunch and booked hotels, entertainment and more.

It's just a matter of creating your own Wish list, and the rest you can fully rely on my experience.




other services

✓ Development of an itinerary to fit your budget

✓ Assistance in selecting and booking hotels

✓ Reservations for entertainment and places to visit

✓ 24/7 assistance throughout the journey

✓ Selecting a transfer

✓ Travel logistics

✓ Restaurant/café reservations


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