The advantage of working with me is not only providing guaranteed places in hotels in Georgia for your tourists, but also providing quality customer service throughout the entire travel itinerary.

I treat my partners with care and will be glad to cooperate with new ones!

Dear colleagues, I invite you to cooperation!

Who can become a partner?

→ Organizers of extreme tourism
→ Organizers of entertainment tourism
→ Photographers/videographers

→ Tour operators / travel agents
→ Hotels / guest houses
→ Restaurants
→ Transportation companies
→ Winemakers

To submit a request for cooperation, please fill out the form via the "Submit Request" button on this page below or send a proposal to -
You can also contact me by phone +995 599 61 31 13 (WhatsApp / Telegram).

Regards, Alexander Giorgidze

You can learn more about me and your travel experiences with me on my website

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