Fixer service to organize filming for reality shows, shows, investigative journalism shoots, documentaries, themed vlogs for bloggers.

Based on our own knowledge and experience, we offer services to filmmakers and journalists in all three phases of production:
  • Researching, finding and organizing a shooting location (interviews, filming permits, booking and renting equipment);
  • Shooting, camerawork, copter (drone) work, transportation, car rentals of all categories, translators and recruiting;
  • Financial statements, releases, etc.

You can order as a comprehensive service, or partial. Any kind of complexity, any organization, with experience working with major international TV channels, you can fully trust us as professionals in our field.



other services

✓ BBC Channel

✓ National Geographic

✓ Italian reality show Rai2

✓ Photo and film studios in Georgia

✓ Eco films Georgia

✓ Dutch reality show - Locatie Onbekend

✓ The French reality show Foeterien


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