This ancient city itself is one big attraction. Situated on the banks of the Kura River, Tiflis is the ancient cultural center of Georgia and we will explore it a little closer during our trip.

In the heart of the Old City we will look at places where different nationalities intersect on the same block, living as if they were neighbors.

We will plunge into the daily life of the locals in Meydan bazaar, cross the river through the airy glass bridge, and on the other side we will look at the natural sulfur springs of Abatubani, followed by the view of the waterfall of Legvtakhevi. We will climb to the highest observation point of Mtatsminda on the funicular railway and taste the national homemade food at the hospitable family.

one-day tour

heart of Tiflis

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Shida Kartli

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You can bring children

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