traveling immersive is...

When you find yourself both in the midst of outdated traditions and in the modern world, in a reality without masks, which is what captures your soul. You taste life as it was hundreds of years ago and as it is now.

You encounter completely different lives, situations around you, people with different mentalities, events around you, you plunge into their way of life, you start to think like them, look at everything with their eyes, take their place in their everyday life, not pretended, but real, you apply every image, every manner of behavior to yourself.

It is not to see around you one beautiful house and clean walls, they will, but to go to the goal of knowing the country as it really is, its backside - the real one, without the feigned actions, unnecessary beautiful words, its "bare walls".

To go the way of the locals, the roads they walk every day, yes some will cause shock, and some will delight, to go to places where there is no road, but there is the highlight, hidden from prying eyes.

We show the world and the people, the real ones, without any productions, in a new unique immersive format, which combines the whole 18 directions of tourism.

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