An immersive mix of performance and tour with full immersion in the history of the Sololaki district and in the fictional love story of two characters - Giorgi and Aniko. Giorgi was in love with Aniko as a child and suddenly meets her on the streets of Sololaki. Old feelings flare up again - the two characters live out their tale and play out the love stories of famous Sololaki and Tbilisi residents - Pirosmani, Mantashev, Anna Chavchavadze, Kalantorv and others.

You'll feel like you're inside a romcom - the tour will take place with headphones on to a complete audio play, and the actors will bring it to life for you between the sights of the city.
You will visit the colorful courtyards and luxurious stately homes, live the poignant and funny moments in the relationship of Aniko and Giorgi, and learn a lot about Tbilisi. A completely new tour format, which really opens up the city from a different side.

immersive performance tour

A Date with Tbilisi

other directions

Shida Kartli

1 day




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