A hiking trip through a high mountain, wilderness area cut off from the world, a true paradise for hikers, equestrians. Here you will not just reconnect with the wilderness, but also dive into a study of pre-Christian beliefs.

We will make long, but very beautiful 80 km long trekking tour to the most remote place of Georgia - Tusheti, from Omalo to Shatili.

On the day we'll go to Telavi, and from there to Omalo, where we'll spend the night in an atmospheric environment. From Omalo we will head to the village of Dartlo and then the village of Girevi. For the next couple of days we will have overnight stops in scenic spots, in tents in the small villages of Girevi, Kwahidi and Khidotani, etc.

Throughout the hike you can choose alternative overnight stays, such as guest houses or family hotels. Each hiker is provided with trekking equipment and a tent.

trekking tour

another world of tushetia

other directions


9 days / 8 nights

Medium difficulty


Can be with children

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